While our bb Sky Ferreira takes a brief break from the Bangerz Tour (and hopefully rests that leg) before re-joining Miss Miley on the East Coast in April, she’s been slaying haters on Facebook and slaying fans on Jimmy Kimmel Live…and just generally slaying in general.

Now, I know we’ve all heard “You’re Not The One” approximately ten million times over by now, both in live and recorded form — but you’ll want to give this remix a go.

The Story Of The Running Wolf mix breathes new life into Sky’s Night Time, My Time anthem, converting the gritty, guitar-drenched original into a ’80’s-encrusted synth-pop gem.

Don’t let her hear me say it, but it sorta reminds me of those old school electro-pop days of yore, including “One” and the As If EP.

As far as “You’re Not The One” remixes go, this is definitely the one. (One, one, one…)

Thanks for the tip, Adam!

‘Night Time, My Time’ was released on October 29. (iTunes)