Paris Hilton Brings Us To Life With Her Gorgeous Trance-Pop Opus, “Come Alive”

Oh my God.

She’s done it again: Paris Hilton has returned to save our sorry souls with the second serving from her much, much, much anticipated follow-up to 2006’s Paris.

After spending the past week shooting not one, but two videos, Paris just dropped her brand new single: “Come Alive.”

And don’t worry: Just because Paris is diving deeper into dance territory this time around, don’t expect some predictably bro-tastic festival EDM beat-drop banger.

Nay, “Come Alive” is all sorts of late ’90’s/early ’00’s tranced-out bliss, reminiscent of songs like Alice DeeJay‘s “Better Off Alone,” Dannii Minogue‘s “Disremembrance,” Benassi Bros‘ “Rocket In The Sky” and Cher‘s “The Music’s No Good Without You.”

“I don’t care what they say/This life, I’m gonna live it,” Paris solemnly declares at the start of the track, which was co-penned and produced by Rondell “MrBeatz” Cobbs, Michael “Mikey P” Puerari, Chris Richardson (the same one from American Idol, I think?) and Corte Ellis — of Britney‘s “Get Naked (I Got A Plan).”

Like last year’s “Good Time,” the entrepreneurial heiress simply isn’t here for anything less than perfection. And really, why should she be?

“Boy, you see right through/You make me smile/You make me dream/You make me feel alive!” Princess P sweetly declares over and over again across the song’s throbbing, space-age pulsations.

As the beat drops out two-thirds in, the piano-led, atmospheric bridge comes slowly fills the speakers, containing arguably her most mighty yelp on record to date: “Got to live my life/No regrets, no worries/This could be our last chance to feel alive!” she echoes over and over, like a lonesome transmission beamed in from outer space.

No irony, no shade: Paris just supplied us with an otherworldly trance-pop gem straight from the stars above — which, for the record, are still very much blind.

This is a genuinely great dance record, and even if the general public doesn’t give her the time of day as a legitimate pop star, who really gives a fuck about ’em?

Paris is #KillingIt, and it’s ours to enjoy. Let’s turn it up once again!


“Come Alive” was released on July 8. (iTunes)

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