Britney Jean: The Album That Could Have Been.

It’s been well established by now ’round these parts that Britney‘s Most Personal Album To Date hasn’t quite lived up the usual flaw-free standard of The Legendary Miss Britney Spears. (At least, in my humble Opinioney.)

Blame it on will.u.not, blame it on rehearsals for the Piece Of Me residency, or blame it on being simply too personal (“Chillin’ With You”), but that album is just…


Never mind.

Sometimes (REFERENCE), when an album campaign seemingly stalls and hopes for a third single spiral further south than Kentwood, some fans feel the need to step in and grab the keys (AKA the original stems from the recording studio) — and Country Club Martini Crew and Nick* have done just that.

The two budding producers/remixers have joined forces before, teaming up for an almighty remix of “Alien.”

This time around, they’ve taken Godney’s Sia-penned ode to riding on the passenger side of a Mah-seh-rah-teh (and/or letting Jesus take the wheel) and given it a twangy acoustic guitar makeover (it’s #SomethingMoreAcoustic), supplying a heavy dose of Sia’s original demo and alternate vocal takes from Queen B. (Country Club also re-rubbed the song into a full-on club stormer back in March.)

The acoustic version highlights a few things: Britney’s natural vocals remain underutilized, and a Brit Brit Throat Clear — a nod to the “Born To Make You Happy (Bonus Remix),” surely — remains the greatest way to start off a song, ever. As for that elusive “enjoy the ride” high note? Uh. Not here, either — but at least this version actually sounds like Britney.

Throw your hands in the air and just drive. #JusticeForBritneyJean