Brooke Candy‘s ready to give you a taste now.

(Not yet acquainted? Check out the “Introduucing” post about the controversial rapstress from last July.)

After inking a deal with RCA, the filthy-mouthed, oft-dreadlocked femcee is flying out the gate with “Opulence,” a full-on alarm call of ass-shakin’ beats and fat slaps of bass, all revolving around a reference to drag/ball culture primer, Paris Is Burning.

“I’m a grown queen doing grown things/Tryna find my hand underneath the gold rings/Make ’em get in line, better recognize opulence,” Brooke boasts above a hand clap-heavy, twerk-friendly beat. ” I own everything, bay-bee!”

The face of hip-hop is rapidly shapeshifting as of late, and Brooke is one of the major players shaking up the scene: The openly gay rapper has been quite vocal over the years about blurring lines and embracing queer identity in hip-hop, so it’s really no wonder that she’s tipping her opulent hat to a familiar gay pop culture reference.

“Opulence” is like the bratty, gay lil’ sis to Ke$ha‘s “Sleazy,” full of insanely cocky boasts and regal commands — and sort of like Legendtina‘s “Vanity” too, come to think of it. (In other words, it’s perfect.)

Bow down, bitches — and bounce your booty while you’re at it.



“Opulence” was released on April 22. (iTunes)