King Deco first stole our hearts away with her sweeping, kaleidoscopic debut “One (feat. Kinetics)” last month. She soared higher still with “Laila,” a chant-like celestial offering crafted alongside Adam Pallin.

And now, I’m proud to premiere “Ocean” right here on MuuMuse, King Deco’s third and final offering from her forthcoming debut mini-EP Tigris, due out on April 7.

The atmospheric number is perhaps the most explicitly personal of the trio of tracks, as the Jordanian-turned-Brooklynite sends her fears down deep into the depths while weaving the tale of her exodus from her homeland to pursue her dream: “Everyone from home said come home, but I promise that I won’t follow them,” she pledges at one point across the Ryland Blackinton & One Love production, soldiering on without her family’s support. “I’m sending my fears into the ocean/Wash away, wash away, wash ’em way down,” she later coos on the dreamy chorus.

The song’s bridge is especially gorgeous, blending murky, late night R&B textures (sort of Tinashe-esque?) with spiritual-sounding chants, a la “Laila.”

The end result is something supremely hypnotic and hopeful, and a tantalizing taste of what’s still to come from the promising songstress.

Go on and wash away those fears, King Deco. You’re doing just fine.

The ‘Tigris EP’ will be released on April 7. (iTunes)