Rita Ora has a new album coming out later this year, and to prove that fact, she hit the stage at The Box downtown in Manhattan last night to preview some of the songs from the new record.

Right now, it’s all about Rita’s euphoric lead single “I Will Never Let You Down,” a bouncy spring-into-summer jam produced by superstar DJ/producer/her boyfriend Calvin Harris, who I had an intense affair with during the show last night and am now currently dating. (SPOILER ALERT!)

And then, there were even newer songs.

Here’s one I don’t currently remember the name of, because open bar. (Great start to this reporting, I know.)

It’s sparkly and bright and totally hook-heavy, in the same vein as something off of Katy Perry‘s Prism. (Actually, maybe there’s a little Sugababes to it?) The light flourishes of ’80’s synths in the back were a major plus.

This one was called “Last Love,” and it was the lone ballad of the night, dedicated to finally finding the man of her dreams (Calvin, whom I STOLE) and loving him with all her might.

She also made a point of telling the crowd to “really listen” to the lyrics at the beginning. Her voice was thoroughly on point — despite confessing about how nervous she was just before singing.

This was by far my favorite of the night: “Get A Little Closer,” a dreamy slow-burner filled out with pretty strings and marching drums about a touch ‘n go kinda love, complete with an extra catchy chorus and a “Ay-ay-ooh-ooh-na-no-no!” post-chorus chant.

It also seems to include an interpolation of the “They don’t love you like I love you…” bit from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs‘ “Maps” — unless, of course, that’s purely coincidental. Regardless, it’s great.

By the time “I Will Never Let You Down” came rolling around, Rita looked like she was fully feeling herself, tossing her hair around and happily strutting her way across the stage — a fittingly joyous end to the evening.

Rita also sang “R.I.P.” and “How We Do” but, well, we’ve heard those two already, so I decided to simply live in the moment and be one with the Ora rather than record.

I also apologize for not filming all the songs in full. I didn’t want to piss the people off behind me too much.

Finally, I apologize for stealing your man, Rita. We just happened to fall in love in a hopeless place — and yes, it felt wonderful in his arms.