Demeteria Devonne Lovato knows: If it’s a fervent fan base you want, you go to Brazil. And then you #RTForBrazil, because #BrazilNeedsDemi.

One full year after the release of her fourth studio album Demi, the “Neon Lights” cutie pie is returning with the fourth official serving off of her newly-Top-5-again-on-iTunes record: “Really Don’t Care,” featuring our favorite X Factor Brat, Cher Lloyd.

Produced by Carl Falk, Savan Kotecha and Rami Yacoub (AKA the One Direction dream team, also behind much of Cher Lloyd’s fantastic upcoming album, Sorry I’m Late), the song is a perfectly prickly, punchy kiss-off anthem that could easily dominate this summer on Top 40 radio.

And the best way to get people pumped for the release? Why, enlist a bunch of Brazilian stans at the Neon Lights Tour for a merry singalong — and then REDUCE THEM TO SHAKING BLOBS OF TEARS AND FACE PAINT by popping up out of nowhere, of course.

Watch Demi horse around with her Lovatics to the sound of her summer smash in waiting above. (And trust me, they really do care.)


“Really Don’t Care” will be released on May 20. (iTunes)