Janet Jackson’s ‘Made For Now’ With Daddy Yankee Is Dropping This Week

Miss Jackson is ready for you now.

Here we go now.

Between Cher Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!-ing the Gays What We Wanted and Her Holy Madgesty‘s 60th birthday – a global religious observance – it’s safe to say that it is now, officially, Legends Season™.

Further proof? Janet – Miss Jackson, If You’re Nasty – is about to have a special moment, too.

The “When We Oooo” Icon announced on Sunday night (August 12) that her long-awaited, highly anticipated, poorly kept secret of a new single – “Made For Now” with Daddy Yankee – is finally arriving this week. (Friday, August 17, to be exact.)

“Hey u guys, I’m so excited to announce new music coming soon! My single ‘Made For Now’ with Daddy Yankee will be available everywhere Friday, August 17th. This song is very special to me and I can’t wait for you to hear it!,” she wrote in a personal email to me. (Okay, and everyone else on the mailing list.)

If you’re part of the JanFam, a rabid JanStan, or even just a casual JanFan, you’ve also likely already seen the photos and videos of the many sickening lewks Janet served while on the set of the music video that was shot in New York City just a few weeks ago by longtime collaborator Dave Meyers, who also worked on “All For You,” “No Sleeep” and “Dammn Baby.”

Now, an actual Living Legend like Janet doesn’t need radio play. But wouldn’t it be such a thrill to watch her show the children how it’s done yet again?

Collaborating with Daddy is really no joke, either…she just might have another actual hit on her hands, ageism be dam(m)ned. The Puerto Rican “Rompe” Rey isn’t exactly a stranger to the airwaves. “Despacito,” anyone?

There’s a certain awards show just around the corner, too. The rumblings are getting pretty loud that someone might be prepping a performance that night. You ready?

Janet Jackson BBMAs 2018

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