Cars & Calories is a duo made up of neither cars nor calories. Discuss.

Cars & Calories is, in fact, an up-and-coming Norwegian pop-rock duo, known individually as Michael Markussen and Jim André Bergsted. And together, they make music that they themselves would describe as “somewhere in between British stadium rock and American dance-pop.”

The duo’s only released a smattering of tracks thus far (2 to be exact), including “Here” (which Scandipop rightly compared to Owl City) and the unbelievably massive “Runner-Up” — both of which have won the boys some blogosphere lovin’ over the past year. They’ve since been holed up in the studio with the likes of Kevin Truckenmiller, Crushboys and Charlie Mason, who also had a hand in penning iconic Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst‘s single, “Rise Like A Phoenix.”

And that brings us to now: The Excluusive premiere of Cars & Calories latest offering “To The Extreme,” a super sweet, super earnest melody about YOLO-ing in the moment with your lover to, well, the extreme: “They don’t understand, though you’re out of hand/You’re beyond alright ’cause I’m by your side.” Awwww.

The track conjures something of a cross between One Direction (Midnight Memories era), Owl City and the buoyant electro-pop of Donkeyboy, especially with its dreamy, glittering chorus that blasts off: “To the ex-treeee-eee-eeemeeeeee!” It’s an instant earworm. (And somehow, the line “’til the cemetery beckons” manages to sound endearing?)

Listen to “To The Extreme” above.

“To The Extreme” will be released on May 26. (iTunes)