Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Idol’ Finale Performance Dance Break Just Put Everybody To Shame

First of all, to answer your question: Yes, American Idol is still on the air. And last night, the finale happened. Somebody won! I don’t know who. Much more importantly, Jennifer Lopez AKA J.Lo AKA Lola AKA Jenny From The Block performed — and it was EV-RAY-THANG.

As with her Billboard Music Awards Iconic Icon Award performance on Sunday, the Legendary Latina performed her Max Martin banga “First Love,” silhouetted diva intro and all — but this time around, a dance break happened. (Also, blue frills.) And not just any dance break — an AMAZING one.

I WANNA DANCE!” Jenny suddenly declared midway through her performance, tossing away the mic like a pair of worn Louboutins and strutting her stuff down the runway. (As we already know, Jennifer generally likes to dance, love, and then dance again just for good measure.)

It went like so:


Ooo shit, bitch! She’s comin’ for your man…





The “I Luh Ya Papi” mami then busted a move around the entirety of the Idol stage, flipping her hair and shaking those hips like her love don’t cost a thing. The energy? insane. The presence? Undeniable. It was gasp-worthy, sincerely.

[Insert mandatory rant about J.Lo killing the choreography, slaying the ladies half her age and remaining forever ageless while doing so.]

Jennifer Lopez, 44-year-old mother of two putting all your faves to shame.

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