Nicole Scherzinger, “Your Love”: The Good, The Bad And The Roo-Doo-Doo-Da-Doo

Many moons ago, there was a girl group by the name of The Pussycat Dolls.

The ladies reigned across the land, loosening up our buttons, making all our girlfriends jealous, and lifting their legs so very high above their heads — and of course, opening for Godney‘s holy Circus Tour.

But then, one day, a certain Doll decided she’d outgrown the group and decided to go solo to do Whatever She Liked (feat. T.I.), throwing the peaceful balance of pop into chaos. The selfish decision resulted in years of torment, and an ever-rotating roster of Robin Antin-curated knock-offs. A reunion? We’ve learned not to hold our breath.

It’s been many years, and our society has only just recovered from the seismic split. But today, a voice from the past has awoken and come hurdling back at us like a boomerang…and her name is Nicole.

That’s right: Nicole Scherzinger is back with “Your Love.”

How does it sound? Apologies to “Club Banger Nation” enthusiasts: This is not a RedOne banga, but rather a thumping, ’90’s House-inspired, bright piano-led beat crafted by The-Dream and Tricky Stewart.

Unlike almost all of her music, Scherzy opts to hold back those powerhouse vocals to a sultry, filtered near-whispers and moans for nearly the entire song — not without a mighty yelp around the 3-minute mark, of course — luring us in closer to her killer love.

And then, there’s that chorus: “ROO-DOO-DOO-DA-DOO!” That’s the chorus.

Once again, it goes “ROO-DOO-DOO-DA-DOO!

If you were to quote Nicole Scherzinger’s “Your Love” in your yearbook or your AIM profile ten years ago, you’d write “‘ROO-DOO-DOO-DA-DOO’ – Nicole Scherzinger.”

It’s a chorus of babble-nonsense, sort of like “Boom Boom Pow” or whatever. Super dumb. Super catchy. Dangerously catchy. Who needs words? Just make silly sounds with your face!

And then, there’s that bridge: “I need ya in the day time/Especially in the night time/I’m never in my right mind, when I’m witchuuuuu baby!” What kind of Ciara-like report-to-the-dance-floor breakdown? Is this THE GREATEST BRIDGE OF 2014? It very well could be, although it’s far too brief. (Also, I sort of wish the entire song sounded like this.)

“Your Love” is a refreshing new sound for the Scherz, and it certainly makes for a solid contribution to your Summer ’14 playlists. It’s no “Pretty” of course (#JusticeForPretty), but it’ll roo-doo-doo-da-doo.

“Your Love” will be released on July 13. (iTunes)

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