Introduucing…Aaron Pfeiffer!

Meet Aaron Pfeiffer, a Pittsburgh-bred singer-songwriter currently living in New York City.

Now, full disclosure: I’ve known Aaron for more than a minute now IRL after being introduced by my BFF, Jon ALi.

As a rising artist on his grind, Aaron’s been busting his butt performing up and down the city for years — that is, when he’s not out in Los Angeles in the recording studio. One fun fact about Aaron? He loves Jessie Ware and BANKS. Another fun fact? He’s a total sweetheart.

Being acquainted with someone that makes music IRL is often a tricky thing for me to navigate, especially if it sucks (“Oh, you sent me a song? I didn’t see it in my inbox!”), but I’ve been hearing what Aaron’s been cooking up behind-the-scenes for a while now, and I can genuinely say that it’s all very promising. Seriously.

So all of that leads to this: “Can’t Shake This,” the debut single off of his upcoming Nightcall EP, produced by Justin Portis and Eric Denniston. Colored by funky guitar licks and a slick, chilly ’80’s electronic sheen, the anguished kiss-off is pretty immediate from the first listen, showcasing Aaron’s genuinely soulful chops above a bouncy beat.

I can’t shake this feeling anymore, I should have known better…

In a world where soulful male pop acts like Nick Jonas can successfully climb to the top of the charts with “Jealous” or Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars with “Uptown Funk,” there’s no reason why Aaron can’t set his sights just as high.

Fingers crossed.

“Can’t Shake This” was released on April 7. (iTunes)

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