[dropcap size=small]R[/dropcap]emixing Lana Del Rey‘s “West Coast” was bound to be a tricky task.

With all those mumbly bits and tempo shifts, “West Coast” feels like a particularly remix un-friendly middle finger to the EDM superstars attempting to drag the moody chanteuse onto the dance floor. (Sorry not sorry, Cedric Gervais.)

But with a delicate hand and an artistic ear, anything is possible. Case in point? The latest batch of remixes uploaded today on Lana’s official YouTube account.

The instant favorite is William Carl Jr.‘s pleasant reimagining of Lana’s Ultraviolence lead track, which strips the song of its menacing wobble and hypnotic guitars in place of some fiery Latin horns, soft synths and a tripping pulse, turning the track into a luxurious, summery groove. The Queen of Coney Island’s breathy coos are perfectly mixed and mashed, along with a heaping helping of new vocals — we’re even given alternate lyrics at one point (“That’s why I’m leaving you for the music, it’s true.“) Quite a treat!

The Camo & Krooked remix is another standout, which also seemingly benefits from some alternate vocal takes. (Just listen to how slow and mournful she sounds in that extended acoustic intro!) The creative reinterpretation shape-shifts constantly, supplying snappy beats and gorgeous ambient textures along the way to make this one a compelling listen through to the very end.

There’s also the Four Tet remix gives the song a four-to-the-floor, fairly monotonous early ’90’s House kick before evolving into a glitchy electro fest…

Plus the Ten Ven remix, which provides an extra spring in Lana’s step twirl.

Enjoy ’em while you’re fucking your way up to the top, Brooklyn babies.

“West Coast” was released on April 22. (iTunes)