Oops!…He did it again.

Brazilian remixer Country Club Martini Crew brought Britney fans to life earlier this year with his gorgeously crafted reinterpretation of “Passenger,” full of alternate vocal takes takes left on the cutting room floor that provided a whole new…err, personal glimpse into the making of Britney Jean.

Today, he’s back with an acoustic version of the William Orbit-produced “Alien.”

If U Seek Vocal Glitchney, she ain’t here right now: This is purely Britney from start to finish, delicately layered on top of a simple piano melody. Can’t you just imagine her sitting at the Onyx Hotel Tour piana and performing this one right after “Everytime”?

Gather ’round, light a vanilla candle and allow The Holy Spearit to sweetly remind us that we’re not alone, not alone, not alone…

‘Britney Jean’ was released on December 3. (iTunes)