Britney’s “Gimme More” Music Video Mystery Lives On: Was It Sabotageney?

Stonehenge. Roswell. “Gimme More.”

There are few mysteries in the world more frequently pondered, debated and combed over than the video shoot for Blackout‘s infamous lead single, “Gimme More” — a disastrous-turned-iconic glimpse into the life of The Legendary Miss Britney Spears in 2007.

Filmed over two days in July of that summer, the video was shot by Jake Sarfaty, a then first-time director Brit Brit reportedly “hand picked” to execute her own concept.

But upon the video’s premiere following that VMAs performance in early October, B fans immediately grew so curious (REFERENCE): Despite the fact that the paparazzi caught B-Girl rocking funereal garb outside the warehouse, the look never made the final video.

Instead, what we got was an extended pole dancing routine from Blackoutney at her finest (and topless-est) bathed in blue and purple lights, complete with a very entertained Blonde Bobney watching closely at the bar.

As the years went on, stills leaked from the set proving that additional scenes never made the cut, either. Rumors swirled regarding the original video’s concept: Was it a funeral? Was the original concept even #darker, like the original concept for “Everytime”? Was Britney burying the old Britney?

Then, it got stranger: Years later in 2011, alternate footage from “Gimme More” surfaced, complete with footage of Godney strutting her stuff (bangerz) down the sidewalk in that funeral outfit, plus a bedroom scene involving some zebra pillows and her pussy hanging out. (A pussy cat, that is.)

Seven years after the video first premiered, and we’re still learning more (MOAH) about “Gimme More.”

As ONTD discovered tonight, make up artist Mikal Sky did an interview earlier this year, and she was asked about her proudest experience from the past:

What project/job/client are you most proud to have worked on?

One of the defining moments of my career was working with Britney. I was her personal MUA for the Gimme More music video and a couple of photo shoots. She had just shaved her head and was getting a nothing but bad press. She sabotaged the director by refusing to perform and follow the script. So, what we got was her dancing on a stripper pole with her friends. It was an honest and playful performance during a very rough time and I am proud of how gorgeous she was.



Sabotaging her own video? But why would B do such a thing? Well…’cause she’s rebellion (REFERENCE).

So, the original script was scrapped. (That Mikal said “script” implies an actual plot really did exist.) And since B didn’t feel like doing more (MOAH), we may truly have all the footage that exists from those two days — unless, of course, there’s still a bit more (MOAH) in waiting.

Ultimately, “Gimme More” remains a perfect time capsule of the turbulent, terrifying — and yes, rebellious — time known as the Blackout era.

And they keep on watchin’…


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