While you were asleep, dreaming away and wishing that heroes they truly exist, Madonna, #Iconic Queen of Everything, Katy Perry S&M Partner and B12 Shot Enthusiast, was hauling herself (and her 22 volumes of the Zohar) up into Disclosure‘s DJ booth at Output in Brooklyn last night.

“Doing a little. Security work on the side for Disclosure……..shure is Hawt in here!” the elusive Instagrammeuse remarked.

Disclosure — the very group I’ve been praying for the Material Girl to collaborate with for well over a year now — and Madonna. Together in the same room. C-E-L-E-B-R-A-T-I-O-N!

Of course, this doesn’t automatically mean that Madonna is collaborating with Disclosure. However, we should all be very well aware of the Golden Rule by now: That which has been Instagrammed by The Madge shall too be sealed forever on The Madge’s New Record. (Isn’t that right, Diplo? And you, MoZella? And you, Natalia Kills?) Frankly, it’s just a relief to know that she actually heard the music — and, hopefully, recognizes that there are more interesting things happening to dance music than LMFAO.

There’s simply too much happening at once: A Mystery Billboard Snippet that still hasn’t been claimed. #UnapologeticBitch fan art. And so, so many incriminating Instagrams…