Daily B: Sky Ferreira Perfectly Stans For Britney in iHeartRadio Interview

[dropcap size=small]S[/dropcap]ky Ferreira: Not only responsible for 2013’s best record (Night Time, My Time), but also a Certifiably Amazing Britney Stan.

Over the years, the “I Blame Myself” beauty has repeatedly explained why The Holy Spearit will forever be the best pop star, ever.

And evidently she’s been bumping a lot of Blackout lately, because she was really on one this week.

In an interview with iHeartRadio this week (get that Top 40 mainstream coverage, bb!), Sky was asked to name some of her favorite things. And of course, when it came to “favorite pop radio smash,” there was only one smash on the radio on her mind — bet B penned it (REFERENCE).

I think Britney Spears is my favorite pop star, if you’re going to go super, super pop star, besides Madonna. The thing about Britney Spears is there’s something a little weird and dark about her obviously — it’s genuinely dark — but I love how she’s never changed or never tried to catch up. I notice a lot of them get really weird and they try to catch up to the younger girls, or they’re threatened in some weird way about that. She embraces them; she always becomes friends with them and sings on their songs, but also she still f***ing dresses the same from like 2001. She’s still wearing her thongs outside her jeans. That’s why she’s so much cooler that everyone else.


And then, she was asked about her favorite concert.

My favorite concert of all time I’ve ever been to was the Dream Within A Dream Britney Spears tour. My dad didn’t have any money or anything, and for my birthday, it was a big deal that I even was able to go to a concert. I wasn’t able to unless my grandmother was working on one or something. He took me and we had like top of the nosebleed section at Staples Center, and it was still the best night of my life because I could even see her from up there. It was just so insane and she was so good. I don’t care if people were like, ‘She’s singing to track.’ Who doesn’t? That’s the thing. Back then, she was kind of untouchable. I never got to experience the Beatles or even Michael Jackson when Michael Jackson was at his peak; I never got to experience those things. I always saw them when they were older, like the Rolling Stones and stuff like that. Any band that I really love, I’d only saw them when they were over. I can say I saw Britney Spears. That’s like the one I saw at her peak.


And then, she was asked about her favorite Michael Jackson moment.

We sat in the movie theater and he was like, “Sing for me.” The one song I remember singing so clearly, it’s so embarrassing, but I did “Lucky” by Britney Spears… Out of all the songs you’d sing to Michael Jackson. I was like 7 though, to be fair.

Sky just ‘gets’ it, you know?

Love U, Sky. Love U, Britney. Love, love, love.



‘Night Time, My Time’ was released on October 29. (iTunes)

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