“Little White Lies”: Florrie Makes A Proper Bid For Pop Stardom With Gorgeous New Single

She’s sold seashells by the seashore and gone free falling upside down and in reverse at the start of the year, but now, Florrie‘s really gone and done the damn thing.

The Xenomania in-house drummer-turned-rising pop princess has been quietly going at it under the radar for several years now, supplying us with pristine electro-pop servings like 2011’s Experiments EP and 2012’s Late EP, all the way up to this year’s Sirens EP. And while she’s always known her way around a solid hook and a catchy melody, Florrie’s never quite served up a particular song that screams “Single!” — until now.

“Little White Lies” is Florrie’s brand new single via Xenomania/Sony Music, due out on August 17. (COME ON WITH THESE ETERNALLY DELAYED RELEASE DATES, UK.)

The track sparkles with that classic Xenomania shimmer — the dreams that glitter from the back catalog of Girls Aloud (“The Loving Kind” or “Untouchable” style), as the silky-voiced songstress gently coos above icy synthesized pulsations. “Victim of my own good intentions — I can’t say no,” she agonizes. That’s such a killer line too, isn’t it?

And then, in comes a properly explosive chorus, and truly one of her strongest yet: “Little white lies, we keep to ourselves/And we’ll never tell, it ain’t hurting nobody!” she declares above crashing drums. Internal torment and denial on the dance floor — is there really anything better? There is certainly not.

This feels like a real moment for Florrie — her first big bid for pop superstardom! She’s so very talented all around, and so keenly aware of the inner workings of pop, courtesy of her extensive history with Xenomania. Simply put: She must win…for all of us.

“Little White Lies” will be released on August 17. (iTunes)

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