Yes, that’s right: Reigning Queen of K-Pop, multilingual icon and “Masayume Chasing” chanteuse BoA just met the leader of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis, at Daejeon Catholic University yesterday.

According to AllKPop, the two had lunch among 20 other young Asian leaders.

I have so many questions and feelings, including but not limited to:

– What did they eat?

– What did they talk about?

– Did they giggle about boys together?

– Does the Pope know the choreography to “Girls On Top”?

– Can we expect a duet sometime soon, or perhaps a new version of “Meri Kuri”?

– Did BoA present the Pope with a hand warmer, as she did to Britney during their Christmas special together in South Korea, a time in which all of my life’s most impossible dreams were realized?

All I know is that we are all truly #blessed.