Aly & AJ Potential Breakup Song Explicit Version

Aly & AJ Give “Potential Breakup Song” the Explicit Version It Deserves

It was my birthday…my fucking birthday.

Aly & AJ, born Godly & SlayJ, are right at the very beginning of a campaign for their upcoming record, which they’ve already teased as the album they were born to make.

But just as 2020 officially comes to an end, the sister act dropped a belated Christmas gift on Wednesday (December 29) for the ones who’ve been along for the ride for years – and it’s a delightfully radio unfriendly treat.

Following an unexpected explosion of streams and newfound fans thanks to lip-syncing moms on TikTok (and really, isn’t TikTok the source of everything in pop culture these days?), the duo’s Summer of ’07 Billboard Top 20 smash “Potential Breakup Song” just got the explicit version it so desperately deserves.

At long last, we can finally say: it took too long for you to call back – and normally, we would just forget that – except for the fact it was our birthday…our fucking birthday.

Not only is the song now thoroughly, furiously filthy-mouthed just as God intended, but it’s also a re-recording, listed under their Aly & AJ Music LLC on Spotify, meaning they’ve had a little JoJo / Taylor Swift moment to stake claim to the track they first popularized as teenagers with Disney’s Hollywood Records years ago. Quite literally: “Do you get that? Let me repeat that: I want my shit back.

The song, which was reproduced with their Ten Years collaborator Ryan Spraker, doesn’t stray too far from the rock-tinged synth-pop sparkle and sass of the original tune, but it does illustrate just how much their voices have matured over the years. It’s also got more bite, obviously, now that they can snarl with some added adult language that the original was severely lacking: “Without me, you’re gonna die / So you better think clearly, clearly / Before you nearly, nearly fuck up a situation that you’re gonna miss really dearly, c’mon.

It’s simply a win all around: for the girls, who get to reimagine the song to better suit their style more than a decade later, and for the fans who’ve grown up alongside the duo, and are now more than ready to toss that unworthy fucker out with some added grit. You’re not living ’til you’re listening to this version, baby.

And while you’re at it, go listen to “Slow Dancing” and prepare for the Aly & AJ takeover in 2021.

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Photo credit: Aly & AJ/NBD PR

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