“Break The Rules” Video: Charli XCX Gets Rowdy As A Mega-Babe School Girl

After spilling the beans on her upcoming follow-up LP Sucker, Pop’s Coolest Chick In The Game Charli XCX‘s just unveiled the accompanying visual for her #rebelliously fucks-free lead single, “Break The Rules.”

I would go on and rave about how the video borrows aesthetically from Carrie and cult classic ’90’s dark teen comedy Jawbreaker, but Charli’s only gone and done it herself.

“I was inspired by movies like Jawbreaker and Carrie for the ‘Break the Rules’ video. I never went to prom when I was at school so this was kind of me living out my weird fantasy of what prom would be like in my head. I asked Rose McGowan to be in the video and I never ever thought she would say yes, but she did… so she came to prom too… And she trashed it ;)” she says in the press release.

She just ‘gets’ it time and time again, doesn’t she? Also, such a babe. SUCH A HOT BABE. I’m still gay, but I would definitely be conflicted if I were still in high school.

Charli’s now recreated Clueless with “Fancy” and Jawbreaker with “Break The Rules.” What’s next, Drop Dead Gorgeous? (Please God.)

“Break The Rules” was released on August 18. (iTunes)

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