In case you haven’t heard, No Doubt frontwoman-turned-Love. Angel. Music. Baby. pop goddess Gwen Stefani‘s gradual return to music has been the worst kept surprise in pop this year.

And now, we’ve got our first taste of new Gwen in 2014.

“My Heart Is Open” is a Sia-penned power ballad, featured on Maroon 5‘s upcoming studio album, V. It’s a convenient collaboration, seeing as both Gwen and Adam Levine are due to be judges on the latest round of The Voice — y’know, while Legendtina nurses the future Queen Of Pop, Summer Rain.

As with Sia’s best balladry, the melodic duet is a stripped-down and soulful affair, as the two superstar singer-songwriters take turns baring their soul and wearing their hearts on their respective sleeves (as opposed to their shoes). And speaking of Legend X, it’s a bit like A Great Big World‘s “Say Something” — her ahead-of-her-time impact simply knows no bounds. “Wanna hear you say yes, yes, yes,” they both beg. SAY!

It’s a gorgeous production — but really, it’s just exciting to hear Gwen Stefani crooning to us again. She sounds fantastic.

And now, it’s time to listen to “Early Winter” over and over again while we wait for more. Or, considering the current time, “4 In The Morning.”

‘V’ will be released on September 2. (iTunes)