Did you know? Britney‘s simply got no time for toy soldiers (REFERENCE).

After an unexpected announcement of her singledom on The Twitter, newly emancipated hot mama and full-time #WORKBXXCH Miss Britney Spears decided to #bless us all with yet another Instagram experimental art film that, quite frankly, no one could have ever seen coming. (And for those who didn’t believe, it should be quite apparent now — Personalityney is back and better than ever, bitch.)

She’s already supplied us with a “FUH!“-filled ice bucket challenge video, as well as her interpretive piece “Woody Woodpeckerney,” and now, Godney is delivering sage words of wisdom to all of the boys and girls begging for a little relief from a bad day.

“Okay, if you ever have a really, really shitty day, find someone with shoes…with hearts on them,” she advises while turning the camera on her assistant Robin, who’s rocking some pretty sweet Comme des Garçons black Converse shoes. “Made my day!” she dorkily concludes with a smile. SAME, BRIT BRIT. SAME.

Stay strong, B-Girl! We love you! And we’re all drawing hearts on our shoes for you right now.

Also, here’s a idea: Have you considered adding “You Oughta Know” to your Piece Of Me set? Just saying — there’s nothing like a little empowering Alanisney to drown out the memory of a real loser. Remember how ferocious this was, B?