Artsy Fartsy Left Lane Rock-Pop Opus: What To Expect From Britney’s New Album

The Living Legend has spoken.

Following the launch of her Brintimates collection at the New York Public Library yesterday afternoon (still shaking), Miss Britney Spears has #blessed us with a series of video interviews to promote the collection. And, aside from the usual banter about the clothing line and Las Vegas, she’s also started to reveal the master blueprint behind Album 9 — which is now tentatively dubbed Artsy Fartsy.

As we’ve known, Britney is recording again. “Very slowly,” she tells Extra.

And how will it sound? “I want to do something very artsy fartsy. Something that I’ve never done before — even if I go take a left lane and go into a little bit of rock or rock-pop. Just do something kind of out there and different.” (For The Record, she also described the inspiration behind her line of lingerie as “artsy fartsy vintage,” which means “artsy fartsy” is officially the new Term Of Endearment this era.)

And she’s not alone, not alone, not alone: Her collaborator wish list currently includes such under-the-radar indie acts as Katy Perry and Iggy Azalea. Also, she is not opposed to the idea of going Bilingualney and taking on a Spanish track — perhaps with Marc Anthony or Jennifer Lopez. Language barrier-shattering pioneer!

But what might artsy fartsy left lane-leaning rock-pop sound like coming from the pop princess-turned-Queen Of Pop? Let us review.

B-Girl’s out-of-nowhere cover of Alanis‘ iconic break-up anthem “You Oughta Know” during The Circus Tour was an incredible moment of Rebellionney that flaunted her natural rock chops. And, now that she’s been burned by her ex, that ass has been lit on fi-yah — we could easily get a growling kiss-off like “You Oughta Know.”

As a known true lover of rock ‘n roll, B’s natural punk roots extend to well over a decade ago, when she took on the Joan Jett & The Blackhearts smash — made all the more iconic when immortalized on screen during Crossroads.

Buried within the tracklist of sweat-inducing club bangas and blippy Swede-pop gems on Femme Fatale was the powerful Rodney Jerkins-produced rock anthem, “Don’t Keep Me Waiting.” In an album full of synths, it was nice to hear B sound extra alive on top of fiery guitars and drums — plus, we all know she hates fuckin’ waiting.

“Do Somethin'” was the peak of Britney gone rogue, right around the mysterious Original Doll era, as she put on her director’s hat and assumed the role of Mona Lisaney. It’s one of her most feisty and #unapologetic middle finger-in-the-air anthems ever — she even helms an all-woman fronted band in the video. FEMINIST ROCK GODDESS.

B’s ready to roll (and, presumably, also rock) on the gritty, Danja-produced (and underrated!) Circus bonus track. It’s deliciously devious, especially as the diva lets loose on the bridge: “Play me like a geetar, and swing, swing, swing!” Rawrrrr.

If B-Girl takes Univision’s advice, she could deliver an even hotter Spanish sequel to Circus papi anthem, “Mmm Papi.” Perhaps she can ask her dear Latina friend Legendtina for some advice?

Prepare your bodeh now for Britney’s most artsy fartsiest, Latin-tinged rock-pop record to date.


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