The Veronicas are, at long last, giving it another go. (Again.)

After teasing tracks from their then-forthcoming comeback record in late 2011, the Aussie pop twin sister act debuted their jagged electronic single “Lolita” back in July of 2012. But, you know the deal — pushbacks, delays, and eventually, a departure from the label.

Just over two year later, The Veronicas are back once again with “You Ruin Me” — and this time, they’re falling to pieces.

The devastating ballad puts the girls’ vocals at the forefront, drifting along a sad, lingering piano melody as they croon away their heartbreak. “You play me like a symphony, play me ’til your fingers bleed, I’m your greatest masterpiece…you ruin me,” they achingly cry out above, appropriately, orchestral strings. (I don’t know which of the two is singing which parts — don’t come for me, stans.) Like Rihanna‘s “Stay,” it’s a simple and haunting production — and a welcome reprieve from synthesizer overload.

Regardless of whether radio picks this one up (it’s anyone’s guess these days), the girls should be satisfied knowing they’ve produced a real stunner of a comeback track.

Now bring on the brooding ballerinas!

“You Ruin Me” will be released on September 19. (iTunes)