Could it be? Yes: The Queen Of All Things Gossip is returning to her throne at last.

“Somebody to Love” chanteuse and Gossip Girl beauty Leighton Meester is finally making moves in the music world again with her long-awaited debut album Heartstrings, due out on October 28 — and the title track is available right now.

But keep your bodies in control for just a moment: This isn’t the same bubbly electro-pop Leighton we first fell in love with years ago on catchy cuts like “Your Love’s A Drug.” This is something more…organic. (Don’t panic, though: This isn’t a full-on acoustic folk fest, either.)

Instead, “Heartstrings” is a lush ‘n dreamy slice of guitar-pop (actually “dream pop or alternative,” according to Miss Meester herself) — and it’s even better than whatever you expected.

“Doing fine all on my own ’cause I know that it’s alright for me/Now you’re feeling all alone/I heard you’re sorry now, but that’s what you wanted,” she coos across a hypnotic strum. Produced alongside Jeff Trott, the kiss-off track, which she says was written “bare with acoustic guitar,” is sort of like a cross between Jennifer Paige‘s iconic “Crush,” The XX and Emma Bunton‘s breezy foray into ’60’s French pop with the underrated Free Me. And oh, that heavenly chorus! “Tie…my…heart…strings…

Leighton won’t get nearly enough credit for this record as an actress-turned-singer-songstress, but let the record show: This is an impressive, full-bodied production. It’s absolutely excellent! Like, one of the year’s better songs excellent.

Bring on the LP, Slayghton Meestlegend.

‘Heartstrings’ will be released on October 28. (iTunes)