Remember Salt Ashes?

She’s the promising UK singer-songwriter responsible for supplying us with “Somebody” all the way back in January, which sounded something like Kylie Minogue or Gwen Stefani getting lost inside a dark disco.

A few months later, and the 22-year-old discostress (IDK, going with it) is back with a brand new offering: “If You Let Me Go,” a similarly buoyant slice of synth-pop crafted in between Ibiza, NYC and Berlin that pays homage to “early ’80’s Madonna and the New York Club scene.” (Always a win in my book, obviously.)

“You don’t need to rescue me if you let me go!” Miss Ashes earnestly coos along the chorus. It’s a luscious throbber filled with major earworm melodies (“don’t give it up, don’t give it up!“), something that would fit in nicely while listening to La Roux‘s underrated tropical summer disco gem, Trouble In Paradise — and some vintage Madge, of course.

“If You Let Me Go” was released on September 2. (iTunes)