“Are you feeling guilty for what you did?/If you think you’re hurting, you ain’t seen nothing yet…” – Psalms of Circus, 5:15

Hell hath no fury like a Godney scorned.

After it was revealed that her former boyfriend essentially pulled a “Perfume” in real life, Brit Brit is very much Singleney at the moment, finding her pleasures in the little things — like heart-filled shoes. But that doesn’t mean she’s just going to deal with this break-up alone. (Not alone, not alone, not alone…)

Last night, our favorite Femme Fatale was rocking the spots on the Piece Of Me stage in Las Vegas as per usual when she decided to throw in a little jab at the Dude Who Shall Not Be Named in the form of a brief, bitter rant to the crowd.

“The best thing about your boyfriend cheating on you…is that you get to go on another first date. Oh em gee, a first date! Woooooo!


It is, without a doubt, B’s most legendary concert outburst since the Spearitual blessings of “Merry Christmas” in March on The Circus Tour. Such a glass half full kind of living legend. You better drag him to the depths of Hell, B!