Becky Hill‘s “Losing,” produced by MNEK, is one of the better debut singles of 2014.

And now, it’s got a sparkly accompanying visual.

The clip follows Becky as she gallivants ’round a brightly colored neon jungle (no, not that Neon Jungle) full of rides and shops at a German fairground (you know, as one does), partaking in a little bit of karaoke (to her own song, no less!), causing a ruckus in a beer garden and staring out thoughtfully from a big ferris wheel.

Sure, she might look a bit lonesome and pensive at times, but fear not: In the end, she gets her prize.

And for what it’s worth, I would take the giant fluffy teddy bear over some flaky dunce of a dude any day too, Becky.

“Losing” will be released on November 16. (iTunes)