Nicki Minaj Is Maybe On Madonna’s New Album Too (Or Just Providing Twerking Lessons)

Madonna, Queen Of Everything, has been quite the busy bee — sorry, #unapologeticbitch as of late, hopping into the studio with quite literally everyone in the music industry who has ever recorded a song. (A slight exaggeration, but it’s seriously getting to that point — not complaining, obviously.)

So, what’s another name on the list of collaborators, then?

Earlier today, Her Madgesty uploaded a selfie (least surprising way to start a sentence in 2014), in which she wrote “Goin to werk #bitchimmadonna” (also not surprising), tagged “Bitch I’m Madonna” collaborator/Rocco’s new babysitter Diplo (still not surprising) and…none other than “Anaconda” diva, MDNA pal and actual Madonna stan, Nicki Minaj. Alright, that bit is the surprise!

And then, in just an impressive instant, Nicki Minaj posted this:

“My trip to New York isn’t the same unless I bump into the Queen. #BitchItsMadonna”

As American philosopher Soulja Boy once declared, YASSS BISH!!!!!

Now, just for the record: No, I don’t know whether Mizz Minaj opted for that odd green tint on Instagram by accident or if the ladiez are just getting ready for a #trendy Wicked-themed studio session — but that’s beside the point.

This is clearly the makings of yet another musical partnership a la MDNA‘s “I Don’t Give A”…unless Lourdes showed Madonna the “Anaconda” video, and now Mommy’s got a lot of questions about #twerking.

The friendship works out for both of the besties: Nicki is a #coolbitch who knows what the hot gossip is among the teens so that Madonna can learn #hot new hashtags, and Madonna surely doesn’t know who Iggy Azalea is, so she can’t bother Nicki with any shady questions. Wins all around!

Give us all dat A-$-$, ladies!



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