“Run”: If An Amazing Nicole Scherzinger Ballad Drops Out Of Nowhere, Does It Still Make A Noise?

We need to talk about the Scherzy Schituation.

“Club Banger Nation” siren Nicole Scherzinger was on a roll this summer following the release of her do-doo-doo-da-doozy of a summer jam “Your Love,” which happily twirled its way into the Top 10 in the UK in July. Success!

And then, a massive misfire.

Inexplicably, The Scherz followed up one of her best cuts with one of her worst: “On The Rocks,” a painfully dated R&B electro-ballad with a forgettable melody and meandering vocals that wouldn’t be fit for a B-side on the Pussycat DollsDoll Domination. (That an entire roomful of music industry professionals heard this song and collectively thought to themselves “Yes, this is the single!” is still something that blows my mind.)

And now, there’s this: “Run,” a song that randomly arrived to a select few radio stations around the world.

Now, “Run” is a ballad too – but not at all like “On The Rocks.”

“Run” is a painful, gut-wrenchingly vulnerable ballad, set across dramatic strings and a solemn piano melody. It’s a slow-moving and emotional production that keeps the focus entirely on the vocals at hand, similar to Rihanna‘s “Stay.”

“Here’s some advice for the next one…run,” she quivers.

We all know that Nicole is genuinely one of the better natural singers in the pop industry, and this is certainly further proof of that. Those howls at the end of the song, especially, are downright chilling.

The reality is, however, that Scherzy almost certainly won’t get the recognition she deserves for a song like this. As harsh as it sounds, no one – apart from a handful of forum stans – is checking for a Scherzy power ballad.

This song would likely fare better in the hands of an artist like Kelly Clarkson, Pink or Katy Perry. Or Adele, even. Actually, I’m almost certain people would be shaking and crying if this song were attached to Adele’s name, because that’s how our society works.

Still, kudos to Scherzy for delivering a truly devastating power ballad out of nowhere. It’s really fantastic.

As for whether anyone will hear it? Well…


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