Stalking Gia might be new to the pop star game, but she’s already had an extended run working behind the scenes in the industry.

Having co-written music with DJ Vice (Ultra), Stevie Aiello (Thirty Seconds To Mars), Sean Foreman of 3OH!3 and Cobra Starship‘s Alex Suarez, the 20-year-old singer-songstress just inked a deal with Warner Chappell Publishing, and is now preparing her upcoming debut EP due out in early 2015, beginning with her soldiering lead single, “War Paint.”

The track is a defiant declaration of self, as the singer leads the march across electronic pulsations before heading straight into a battle cry of a chorus: “Lock and load, I’ve seen a lot but still too young to feel old/Got my scars to show, won’t give into the thrill!” she cries atop a marching drumline beat. She’s sticking to her guns…as she should!

“‘War Paint’ talks through a time of self-reflection, it’s about reminding ourselves to not compromise who we are,” Gia says of the song. (Also, Joe Jonas really likes it too.)

MuuMuse is happy to bring the premiere of the music video for “War Paint,” for enthusiasts for moody, kaleidoscopic visuals and full-body glittering moments that ought to bring Marina And The Diamonds“I Am Not A Robot” to mind.

Watch above, and get ready to hear more exciting things from Miss Gia very soon.