Madonna Is Now Working With Blood Diamonds And DJ Dahi (And Possibly Big Sean)

The Madonna Project® has taken yet another unexpected turn.

We’ve already seen Diplo, Natalia Kills, MoZella, Avicii, Disclosure and about 50,000 other talented producers and songwriters flash by on Her Holy Madgesty’s Instagram as potential collaborators on her forthcoming MDNA follow-up — and now there’s two more names to add to the list: Blood Diamonds and DJ Dahi.

“Nothing can stop the Sex Boyzzzzzz! Aka Dahi and Blood Diamonds. #iconic #Sex #trustnobitch,” the Queen Of Pop hashtagged moments ago, capturing the two producers at work in front of their computers — and what appears to be a penis bong, or something. #Scandalous!

Blood Diamonds is the producer behind some amazing remixes for Sky Ferreira and Tinashe, as well as Grimes‘ one-off for Rihanna, “Go.” And DJ Dahi? He specializes in the realm of #SomethingMoreUrban, producing cuts for everyone from Schoolboy Q to Drake (“Worst Behavior”). Promising!

And while all that might sound like she’s now cooking up a sequel to her crunchy urban disco-hop Hard Candy, a new Instavideo posted by Blood Diamonds in the studio suggests things are about to get…orchestral?

The brief studio tease, which Diamonds simply captioned “ART, is actually a few seconds of Johann Pachelbel‘s Canon. What a #ClassyUnapologeticBitch!

Finally, Lady M got a nice pair of shoes from #LeftSideOnly Ariana Grande‘s boyfriend, Big Sean. “Big Sean hooked me up! Werk big Sean Werk Adidas Werk Bitch!,” she wrote, adding evidence to the compelling theory that Madonna now only speaks in #trendy #hashtags — or just can’t stop listening to “Work Bitch” like the rest of us.

SO MUCH IS HAPPENING AND YET NOTHING IS HAPPENING. But hey, at least there’s a calendar!


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