X Factor USA alum and cheetah print enthusiast CeCe — The Artist Formerly Known As Keesha, Formerly Known As CeCe Frey — has unveiled the video for her Ke$ha-like debut single “Dead 2 Me,” which I wrote about last week.

It’s that ol’ classic tale: Girl meets boy, boy hurts girl, girl tricks boy into doing that thing where girl gathers up all her lady friends inside an abandoned warehouse and violently shoves boy around in a circle Fight Club-style until punching boy in the face, girl and lady friends dance around boy’s bruised body in a car lot.

Spoiler alert: There is no choreography, but plenty of acting. And also punching.

Whether you love it, hate it or feel largely indifferent about mostly everything except the cheetah print, perhaps it is YouTube commenter John Norman who says it best: “I like the font at the end.”

But what would The Holy Spearit say?


“Dead 2 Me” was released on October 7. (iTunes)