Goodbye to everything you thought you knew.

Michelle Branch has just returned, out of nowhere, in the form of a cover of Radiohead classic, “Creep,”

The cover was originally recorded for an episode of the CBS series Stalker, and Michelle was kind enough to put the studio version on Soundcloud last night. It’s a tender, appropriately creepy string-filled rendition, building up to a mighty crescendo before breaking down — a fitting serving just in time for Halloween.

Incredibly, the “Breathe” singer-songwriter hasn’t put out a single since 2011’s “Loud Music,” and hasn’t had a full solo album for over a decade since 2003’s Hotel Paper, thanks to scrapped albums and #LabelStruggles over the years. And yet, she’s still everywhere to us.

Here’s hoping this is only the start of new sounds to (finally) come from Mizz Branch again.

After all, she can save us and take us away from here.