Baauer might have exploded on the scene at the hands of a novelty smash (“Harlem Shake”), but he’s since proven that he’s much more than a flash-in-the-pan trap producer.

The latest example? “One Touch,” a previously unreleased collaboration with forward-thinking R&Btronica troupe AlunaGeorge. (Truthfully, the track was already at an advantage: All songs named “One Touch” are perfect.)

Earlier in the week, Baauer posted a screenshot of 85 unreleased tracks from his personal iTunes collection, asking fans to vote on which one they’d like to hear. “One Touch” won the vote and, by yesterday, the track was polished and premiered on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show. (The Power Of The Digital Age!)

Thank the dance floor deities he did that, because the track is major, playing to the strengths of both acts. “You got to give me something to work with,” Aluna teases at the start of the track, which quickly builds and bursts into a jangling, finger-snapping drop. It’s a nasty groove, adding some meat to Aluna’s breathy, baby-like coos. “All I really need is one touch/I want you to put it right here,” she coos along the chilly chorus, and then, it’s back to the beats. It’s an especially fierce moment for Mizz Aluna Francis, and a sick display of Baauer’s post-“Shake” skills.

In short: The beat go hard tho.