Here at MuuMuse, my priority has always been to Introduuce my adoring readers (and/or the population of Brazil) with cool, unique and urban up-and-comers.

My latest find? Underground indie singer-songwriter, Taylor Swift.

Taylor has a brand new album that just came out — it’s actually her first “official” pop album — and it’s really, really good. (Again, I know you probably haven’t heard about it, but that’s why I’m here.)

The album is called 1989, and it includes a song about visiting New York once called “Welcome To New York,” a song about haters called “Shake It Off,” a song about pens called “Blank Space,” a song about snowmobile accidents called “Out Of The Woods,” and also a song about a fellow unknown named Katy Perry called “Bad Blood.”

To celebrate this under-the-radar release, I am giving away 3 digital download cards of 1989.

Would you like one of these? If so, comment below telling me your favorite thing about the year 1989. Was there a good song that came out? Or a movie? I don’t know. Be creative — and swift. HA!

I’ll notify you via e-mail next Wednesday, November 5 if you’re a winner. Good luck!

1989 Tracklisting
Welcome To New York
Blank Space
Out Of The Woods
All You Had To Do Was Stay
Shake It Off
I Wish You Would
Bad Blood
Wildest Dreams
How You Get The Girl
This Love
I Know Places

‘1989’ was released on October 27. (iTunes)