Earlier in the week, Billboard published an interview with Queen Sky Ferreira about her life post-Night Time, My Time (the MuuMuse Album Of 2013!), from touring with Miley to collaborating with Primal Scream on what she’s calling a “more aggressive” follow-up to her debut record.

Descriptions are one thing, but now we have an idea of what the music actually sounds like.

During her first night in a string of West Coast performances to tie up the Night Time, My Time campaign, Sky performed a brand new track called “Guardian,” which was graciously recorded and uploaded in fairly great quality. (It was also confirmed as an upcoming song in the Billboard article.)

The song, which sounds huge already, is a fairly substantial shift away from the predominantly fuzzy grunge of Night Time, navigating instead into what sounds like an ’80’s power pop ballad territory. If anything, I’m hearing hints of early Madonna balladry, a la “Live To Tell.” “I wanna be free from the dark that lives deep inside of me/Free from all the eyes I see watching over me,” she sings on the soaring chorus. Those twinkles are a great touch, too!

Seriously exciting stuff. Keep up the good work, Sky!