Mizz Little Boots is holding out for a hero.

While putting together the follow-up to her gorgeous, moody (and very underrated) 2013 record Nocturnes, the talented synth-pop singer-songstress is tiding us over with an EP due out on December 1 called Business Pleasure.

She’s already kicked off the new campaign with her bold n’ bouncy, consumer culture conscious tune “Taste It”, but it’s her lush gem “Heroine” that I’ve been obsessed with from the very first listen. A favorite of the year, in fact! And now, it’s right here on her Soundcloud for all you true lovers of music to enjoy.

“Heroine” is just a gorgeous production from start to finish, and endlessly replayable: Those warm, throbbing ’90’s pulsations. The dreamy coos. That chorus! So simple, yet so effective: “You were my hero, I was your heroine…” At times, it even recalls Kylie Minogue‘s “Confide In Me” — a fantastic song to evoke, no doubt.

Do you remember? Do you remember?

What’s better than a little longing at the discotheque? Absolutely nothing, that’s what.

‘Business Pleasure’ will be released on December 1. (iTunes)