She did it: Selegendary Gomezmerizing successfully pulled off the first-ever live performance of her heartbreaking For You ballad “The Heart Wants What It Wants” at the American Music Awards tonight.

Standing solemnly center stage like a fallen angel from a distant alien world (FORESHADOWING), the pint-sized “Off The Chain” pop princess was consumed by blunt, brokenhearted visuals in the background (eyes crying! glass breaking! fire burning!) as she carefully crooned her sad, sad tune.

And then…THOSE (DIGITAL) WINGS. AN ACTUAL ANGEL STANDING IN OUR MIDST. She is such a Britney stan, seriously. You could almost hear “Everytime” playing off in the distance. That is, until that creepy possibly-maybe Justin Bieber silhouette came looming from above. It’s all so eerie and sad and pretty.

And look, real talk: SelGo’s no Adele, we get it, but those live vocals were entirely on par with the studio version of “Heart” — if not even better, given all the emotion she was battling onstage. And she even managed to keep it together the whole way through without breaking down, despite a few close calls. Oof, and that quick “thank you Jesus” she whispered to herself at the very end of the performance? CAN’T. Devastating.

Speaking of the baby Jesus, let us all pray this is the last heartbreaking ballad we hear from Selena in a long, long while. I simply can’t bear to hear her tearing up any longer. (Still obsessed with the song, though.)



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‘For You’ was released on November 24. (iTunes)