Umm…GOT DAMN, Becky G.

As you may or may not already know, tiny Kween G has been lowkey killin’ it all year long thanks to her undeniable mirror dancin’ anthem, “Shower” and, most recently, her infectious, Island-tinged midtempo, “Can’t Stop Dancin’.” She honestly just cannot stop dancing this year, and no one should even try to stop her.

But…va va voom! This new video. Armed with an #unapologeticgap that Madonna would no doubt approve of and a hot bodeh that’s got her looking like a slightly younger Selena Gomez stunt double (this is a compliment, not shade to anyone), Becky’s looking positively smokin’ in her latest visual. (She’s 17, so it’s fine to say these things, I think? I don’t know. Still gay, so whatever.)

Along with all the fierce posing, there’s also a ton of product promo. Like, a hilarious amount: Lip gloss! A fancy watch! Beats headphones! (Obviously.) But hey, Miss G’s got to pay those bills like anyone else, and it doesn’t take away too much from all the hairflips and fancy footwork.

Kudos to you, lil’ Becky. You’re well on the way to becoming a Proper Pop Princess.

“Cant Stop Dancin'” was released on November 4. (iTunes)