She’s really on an #UnapologeticRoll now: From the accidental (?) leak of “Rebel Heart” and “Wash All Over Me” to the jaw-dropping photo shoot for Interview‘s upcoming art issue, Queen Of Pop and full-time Instagram Empress Madonna is certainly making headlines more than ever this year. And now, she’s got a glamorous new fashion campaign to throw into the mix.

For the fourth (!) time, Versace has enlisted the icon for their upcoming Spring/Summer 2015 campaign, resulting in what will be a 12-page portfolio due out early next year. (Her campaign for the fashion house shot in 1995 with Steven Meisel is quite legendary still — check it out if you haven’t ever seen it before.)

The campaign announcement was made with the New York Times just a few hours ago. Of course, the article was filled with praise and for both Madonna and Donatella, but the very best moment was this little bit at the end from Madame Versace herself: “When Madonna asked me on set, ‘Which character do you want me to play?’ ” Ms. Versace recalled, “I answered, ‘I want you to be Madonna and yourself.’ And she laughed at me.” Brilliant.

That’s not all the Madonna mania, either: According to DrownedMadonna, Diplo was interviewed recently on Australia’s The Riff on Channel V, and revealed that the lead single will be produced by himself (of course), arriving “early next year “with a reggae/dancehall vibe.” (Note: He hinted at the “reggae vibe” a few months ago as well — and there was that “La Isla Bonita” Major Lazer rework that he teased on a dub plate.)

Lourdes, grab your rasta beanie — the island vibez are coming. Let’s hope it sounds something like this…

UPDATE: More photos are in from the ever-reliable Mert of Mert & Marcus. Wow.

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A photo posted by mertalas (@mertalas) on