What’s a Kim Kardashian: Hollywood? I don’t know her.

Speak songstress, daughter to father and all-around bossy entrepreneur Lindsay Morgan Lohan is coming for that gaming industry crown.

Today, Lilo has #blessed us all with a brand new gaming experience set to shake up the industry called Lindsay Lohan’s The Price Of Fame, a “parody on celebrity culture and paparazzi” that allows mere plebeians like us “to become world famous celebrities by creating a virtual self that can purchase outfits, accessories, toys and even pets.” (No word on whether or not we can also purchase OWN Network TV specials.)


“I love this game and am happy to be part of it. It’s so much fun!” says Lindsay in a personal statement that was definitely written by Lindsay. “The game captures a great part of culture and our current media society. This app is humorous, smart, and engaging.” SHAKING AND CRYING.

The game’s iTunes Store description alone should convince you that it’s worth the download…and the DRAMA.

Lindsay Lohan Gaming App


The reviews are already in, and they’re glowing: PenelopeMommy says “Weirdly fun and addictive :)”, Gimme More Fans declares “This game is so good it’s changed my entire perspective on the life and reality as I know it,” while Anonymous8480 raves “It’s like cookie clicker or that casino click game. 0/10.”

Not since Britney’s Dance Beat has a more important game been introduced to the general public.

Of course, both Lilo & Kim Kardashian are both forgetting a certain LEGEND already reigned supreme in a game about celeb culture A DECADE AGO. But then again, who could blame them? Not everyone can be so ahead of their time.

Are you ready to play the fame game?

‘Lindsay Lohan’s The Price Of Fame’ was released on December 11. (iTunes)