Breakaway from your December and be Thankful for January, because Kelly Clarkson has returned to give you All You Ever Wanted…and she’s Stronger than ever.

Nailed it.

Mrs. Kelly Clarkson-Blackstock, born Kellegendary Clarkslay-Blackstopulent, returns on January 12 with her new single called “Heartbeat Song” — a song that comes straight from her heart. In fact, you can ever hear an actual heartbeat in a newly released 15-second teaser, which launched along with the official single announcement this afternoon. Personal!

Thirsty for more stuff like that there? Head to Kelly’s official website and share the news. The single cover will come once it’s been shared enough times. That’s right: It’s a #TweetToUnlock, bitches!

Grab your defibrillators now: The Clarkslayage begins next week.

…And just because.

GIF via 3xKirby.

UPDATE: The single cover looks like this…


UPDATE #2: And the song sounds a little bit like this, courtesy of a tightly choreographed and energetic teaser by Future Queen Of Pop, River Rose Clarkson-Blackstock. Take it up, up, up, up, up, up! Stadium-sized anthem!

“Heartbeat Song” will be released on January 12. (iTunes)