Daily B: Britney Talks Femme Fatale Tour in January 2012 Issue of V Magazine

The Living Legend, The Sensual Seductress, The Enchanting Mistress Miss Britney Spears opened up to V Magazine for their 2012 Music Issue to discuss 2011’s Femme Fatale Tour, including her pre-show rituals (she prays!), backstage goodies (hummus and pita bread!) and her thoughts on the tour as a whole.

Plus, check out the brand new photo above of Spears and a part of her Femme Fatale Tour team…looking GORGEOUS! I think? Maybe? It’s kind of insanely Photoshopped in the strangest way. Err…Cutoutney?

An excerpt from V Magazine (courtesy of BreatheHeavy):

What is the most fun part of touring?
Britney: Meeting different kinds of fans from all over the world. They are so different in every country. I just did a few shows in Russia and all of the fans had big heart signs in the audience and had hearts painted on their hands. It was really cool. Also having the people I am closest to with me all of the time and staying in the same hotels every night. We have been together for many years now so we have become one big happy family.

Is there someone not pictured who is integral to making your show happen?
Britney: Yes a ton of people: my entire crew who builds my show, runs my show and moves my show from city to city. They work SO hard and I am so thankful for them. My band Shock and Awe made up of my longtime musical directors. Simon Ellis and Marc, my wardrobe girls who help me dress every night and keep my costumes together, my dad who keeps me on track, and of course my boyfriend, Jason, and my boys who keep me smiling every single day.

Do you have any lucky charms?
Britney: I believe I make my own luck.

As we already knew from “Criminal,” she’s speaking the truth: She’s his lucky charm, after all! (Oh, and she chooses her own destiny too, thank you.)

For the full interview, check out BreatheHeavy.

By the way, Happy One Year Anniversary today to “Hold It Against Me”–otherwise known as MuuMuse’s Single of 2011!

Go on and revisit the original review from January 10, 2011 (can you believe it’s been a year?!). Here’s to Britney, Dr. Luke, Max Martin, Bonnie McKee, Billboard and Myah Marie for making the song possible!

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