“Too Young To Remember”: Florrie Flashes Back To The Good Ol’ Days

Florrie! She’s back at it again.

The talented Xenomania in-house drummer-turned-solo starlet has been supplying EP after EP of sonic goodness for years now, including her fabulous 2014 cuts “Little White Lies” and “Free Falling.”

The ever-fashionable siren’s now teamed up with H&M to supply the candy-coated visual for a brand new song called “Too Young To Remember,” an infectious bout of nostalgia in which she name-drops not one but two Madonna songs (“Justify My Love” and “Like A Prayer,” nice) while referencing dozens of other trends and pop culture references across a punchy, oh-so-catchy pop pulse.

Fittingly, the gorgeous singer provides what is essentially a Buzzfeed “Hey, Remember The Late ’80’s/Early ’90’s?” list in video form, flipping through all the trinkets that’ll have you thinking back on yesteryear fondly (unless you’re too young to remember!) — slinkies, scrunchies, Rubik’s Cubes and Atari. Side note: Where does one acquire a Florrie Says Relax tee?

From H&M: “The song is about living your own life, learning for yourself, making up your own mind. But it was fun to reference things from the 80s and 90s too that maybe you are too young to remember! Some of the lyrics are quite tongue-in-cheek; it has a sense of fun and freedom about it too. My favorite line is ‘Big hair is my prerogative.””

It’s a really cute and colorful concept, although an album would probably be nice at this point. We’re not getting any younger over here, Florrie!

“Too Young To Remember” will be released on March 10. (iTunes)

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