Rebel Hearts see you Feb 8th @theGRAMMYs #GRAMMY's ❤️#rebelheart

Ein von Madonna (@madonna) gepostetes Foto am

The Grammys are now worth your time: The Rebel Heart herself, Madonna, will be living for love live on stage for the very first time.

Although there’ve been rumors swirling ’round for weeks regarding her involvement, the Queen Of Pop herself just confirmed the news using — what else? — a sloppy Instagram of black lashes tied ’round a poor, unassuming Grammy Award.

The Grammys performance is perfectly timed too, considering “Living For Love” is to be released to radio on February 10.

“Rebel Hearts see you Feb 8th @theGRAMMYs #GRAMMY’s #rebelheart,” the iconic diva hashtagged.

Sure, she’s a complete mess on social media at the moment, but once Madge hits the stage, the sheeple of the world will soon fall to their knees and pray yet again.

So prepare accordingly for the #revolutionoflove, peasants: She is coming soon.