“Titanium (feat. Sia)”: The best song off of David Guetta‘s 2011 record Nothing But The Beat by a long shot–and now, an official single.

The video for the powerhouse uptempo follows a young boy (Ryan Lee, who fittingly starred in Super 8) as he runs from the law E.T. style because he’s hiding something a little–supernatural. It’s one of those videos that starts with a bang and, err, well…no spoilers up in here, but stay tuned up until the very end!

Although it’s disappointing that the Aussie alt-diva herself wasn’t featured, the clip still tells a great mini-story that works well with the song.

And while it’s still unclear whether or not “Titanium” will be making its way stateside (it would truly be the ultimate pop injustice if not!) the song’s already been serviced to much of Europe, charting within the Top 10 of dozens of countries already. Let’s make this one explode all around the world!

“Titanium (feat. Sia)” was released in December. (iTunes)