Meet Phoebe Ryan, a name you’ll likely want to know as soon as you hear that voice for the first time.

It’s an immediately captivating kind of voice — featherlight, bright and sort of child-like — bringing other ethereal pop crooners like Becky Jean Williams, Ellie Goulding and LIGHTS to mind.

“Mine” is Phoebe’s debut single, and it’s great — but before we get into all that, there’s the business of her R. Kelly and Miguel mash-up. The cover, which she premiered a few weeks ago, glides across the instrumental of Kesha‘s “Animal” (!) and combines “Ignition” and “Do You…” into one pretty production. Evidently more a few people enjoyed the combination: The track went a bit viral upon its release, hitting #1 on Hype Machine.

So there. Now you’ve got a sense of the heavenly voice.

Back to “Mine”: The electro-pop tune is an uplifting and empowering anthem, and not in an overly obvious or pandering kind of way. Instead, the song sees the green-haired songstress cutting her losses and choosing to carry on above a striding drum beat.

The hooks are sweet, and the message is even sweeter: “‘Mine’ is about fighting through a tough time and accepting the circumstances with strength and grace. Whether good or bad, you have to own your experiences, and always work to see them in a positive light. Loving yourself is hard work,” the promising pop pixie says of her debut.

I’m holding on to all the pieces of my heart’s debris ’til it’s time/I’ll…I’ll pull it together and fix myself eventually, I know it’s mine.

That time might be coming sooner rather than later for Phoebe.

“Mine” was released on January 28. (iTunes)