Madonna Lives To Tell In A Thorough, Unapologetic Interview With Howard Stern

It’s kind of insane to think that Madonna and Howard Stern, two #UnapologeticBitches known for their fair share of shock, have never squared off in an interview before…but the time has finally come.

The two finally spoke this afternoon, and covered everything: Being an industry vet, adopting her kids, her “Like A Virgin” VMAs performance, growing up without a mother, her fuck-filled Letterman appearance, dating Tupac and Basquiat, being an outcast, moving to New York City, being sexually assaulted, Evita, her divorces, Rebel Heart, her kids listening to songs like “S.E.X.”, Michael Jackson, drugs and alcohol, the definition of irony (like “Material Girl”), art, addiction, writing “Vogue” for Dick Tracy, songwriting, Truth Or Dare, dating, death — it’s basically an oral autobiography.

And as far as the current Rebel Heart campaign is concerned, Madge confirms that “Ghosttown” is indeed Single #2 (yes), and that the video is being shot next week (yes).

I won’t transcribe the entire interview ’cause it’s way too long (forgive me), and I’m feeling as exhausted as poor Madge sounds with her cold…but it’s certainly one of the most personal interviews she’s ever done.

Do you think about death? Do you ever wonder how you’re going to go?

I’m not going to ever go…

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Who’s sleep?

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Win A Copy Of Madonna’s ‘Rebel Heart’!

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